Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The body

I went to Chicago; had a meeting with my director that wasn't great; went to a consultation on the Confession of Faith; and got a bad cold. So here's a whole paragraph!

A body that sees, feels, and acts in a particular way suggests a particular way in which the body will interpret and a distinct potential for an embodiment that is natively open to an ethical stance in the world. The body perceives both finitely and transcendently and reveals itself to be a body which engages in perception in this way. The habitual body understands its world through this double perception. The habitual body does not aim at a pure perception or hope for a platonic sight upon emergence from a platonic cave. Similarly, the habitual body is both attracted and repulsed by the objects it encounters; perhaps paradigmatically in the ways in which touch informs and deforms the body's perception. The personal passions of the body shape its ability to interpret and again the body knows itself to be the type of body that shapes its approach to the world in this way. As we will see below, the habitual body is passionately committed both in intentional ways, and through a whole host of involuntary coefficients to the particular world that it interprets. The body also imperfectly risks particular actions in contexts of power. Both able and unable to shape these contexts the habitual body engages in a variety of appropriations of the world and through the feedback it receives is shaped by that world. Even the body which separates itself from the world becomes separated for engagement with the world. Each of these modes perception/understanding; pathos/commitment; praxis/appropriation are disposed in particular ways according to the personality and peculiar way of being grounded any given particular body.

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