Wednesday, May 31, 2006

From, The trouble with the Virtual

"Diaspora is by nature hybrid: it consists of material bodies of its members, their vicinities and topographical places they occupy, but its true make up is based on the relations among those members; it is the relations that create diaspora as an identifiable "intensity." In this sense its real place is nowhere, or better, in the virtual space created by relations." - Wojciech Kalaga

Ezekiel 1.27

God is there, seated on a throne, occupying a form which Ezekiel is careful not to equate with human form, but which is like human form. Ezekiel can identify specific parts of God's body, including what looks like the loins! This is not a hidden God.

Write or Die

This blog is another Summer 2006 dissertation blog. Like Anne and Jane I'll post a sentence or two from each days writing. I like the idea that dissertation writing can be fun too, just hasn't really happened for me yet. But ... I haven't tried this. I've followed Anne's naming convention.